With 30+ years experience in energy modalities and spiritual study, I integrate ancient and modern                    healing arts with a loving, practical approach

     to assist in mental, emotional, physical & spiritual balance and harmonious alignment.


                 Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki treatments are naturally safe and noninvasive. Reiki is the foundation for all of my work.                                                  

  All sessions are performed with me in person or remotely. Reiki energy works regardless of physical location of practitioner and receiver.

    I have had the privilege of serving countless people, pets, homes, public & private land and assisting those transitioning from this     beloved Earth plane.

In the 'About' section, please read information on the other modalities I work with!

It is my sincere pleasure to serve you on your journey into better health, happiness and highest life expression.

All Sessions $128 per hour  $75.00 half hour (pass on the time committal?) $35 for the 1st 10 minutes, $2 a minute thereafter

Reiki: Levels I, II and Master Certification Workshop

Did you know that Reiki enhances the effectiveness of other treatments,  therapies and modalities you may be currently using? I teach Reiki on two separate weekends . My classes are scheduled close to the new and full moon cycles allowing time in between to experience and assimilate your innate awakened Reiki energy. In addition to Self Healing, you will have this precious Universal Life Force available to use any time on Loved ones including pets, plants, places and more! Using loving, compassionate intention, you will be able to send Reiki energy to people and places throughout the world, remotely as well as in person! This is an incredible gift, not only for your own self healing, but for the entire world, extending throughout the Universe!

Levels I & II combined $425  Master Teacher class $625

Sanskrit Mantra Therapy


Sanskrit Mantra is an ancient vibrational language used to shift energetic frequencies in our life experience. Chanting mantra raises our own vibration, in turn, our perception of the world around us changes, moving us into a more harmonious state of being day by day.

Yoga and Meditation Instruction


Yoga and Meditation reduce stress and help us decompress from our busy lives. I'll assist you in learning to implement these effective, yet simple life affirming practices into your daily life to enhance vitality and well being.

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Divinely Inspired Intuitive Readings, Guidance & Counsel

Sessions can be in person, phone or Facetime. Please call, email or text me to set up an appointment.


Sound Recalibration & Balancing

Using Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls and instruments to align chakra, auric, subtle and physical body energy. Beautifully Soothing and Relaxing. Tones and Mantra can also be incorporated.