Laura's Journey

Laura began practicing meditation and studying world religion in young adulthood which opened her to the many branches of spirituality she now practices. Through various disciplines, including a deep relationship with the plant and mineral kingdoms, she began to experience profound spiritual awakenings. Laura began facilitating meditation groups per Little Crow in 1995, then began teaching Hatha and children’s yoga in 2002,  Reiki in 2003. With encouragement from her Sanskrit mantra teacher, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, she began to share knowledge of mantra with her students and pretty much anyone who expressed interest.


Completing her Reiki Level I and II training in 1999 and Master Teacher training in 2001 with Master teacher Dean Williams in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, she began to instruct and certify students in Reiki in 2003.


Laura created a landscape design company, Garden of Eden, for 11 years, specializing in drought tolerant,  perennial, culinary and medicinal herb gardens, creating sacred space for meditation, contemplation for her clients and local wild life while she taught meditation and yoga. In addition, creating sacred indoor atriums and alters for clients.


Over the years Laura has had the honor of studying with many inspirational teachers and masters of different traditions. These include Little Crow of the Native American Indian Church for seven years until his passing in 2004; renowned Vedic Priest, expert in Sanskrit & Buddhist mantra, Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya) with whom she studied for nine years until his passing in 2010. Laura had her first initiation into the Maha-Mrityunjaya mantra in 2003, the Gayatri mantra (long form) in 2004 and given guru Jyoti through the lineage of Sri Sadguru Keshavadas by Namadeva. For many years Laura studied meditation with long time Brahma Kumari Raja Yoga adherents Diane Tillman and Dean Williams until she moved to Austin, TX to be with her daughter, Lonne, in 2014. Here she resides teaching workshops, facilitating healing in various modalities and coordinates Natures Treasures of Texas practitioner program.